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Orange Coast: Demystifying Wood-Fueled Baking at Restaurant Marin

By April 5, 2017October 25th, 2019No Comments

Baking to the rhythm of flames and coals; the roar and the whisper attune with browning bread and rising cake batter. Groundbreaking wood-fueled baking is at the heart of Marin Howarth and chef Noah Blom’s Restaurant Marin in Costa Mesa, where stunning layer cakes, pies, and artisanal breads reach perfection in a Wood Stone wood-burning oven.

It seems like wizardry. Trained to trust that successful baking requires consistent temperatures and exacting formulas, I was eager to demystify the process that Blom and baker Christy Henry use to create luscious textures and flavors. Baked exclusively using heat sourced from burning wood.

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